Mariner Talk
Tuesday, February 24, 2004
As the USS Mariner asks, should Rafael Soriano be a starter or a reliever? Well, we all know that a good starter is more valuable than a good reliever. The flip side of that is the argument that Soriano does not have enough different pitches in his arsenal to be a full-time starter. If I had a vote with M's management, I would keep him in bullpen and keep our rotation the same. In fact, let's make Soriano the closer now and keep Eddie Guardado as the set-up man. What possible reason is there to keep our best reliever out of the closer role? That reduces our need to keep a has-been lefty on the roster at the expense of one of our kids. When I say that Soriano should close, I mean that he should be pitching when the game is tied or the M's are up by a run. Our best reliever should be pitching in our most important situations.
Well, I guess I have to post something again, since I was mentioned in the PI article about bloggers! What should I say?

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